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Sheila B.
AMAZING!! Rommie totally gets you, like no one else ever has.

AMAZING!! Rommie totally gets you, like no one else ever has. She opens your awareness to what is possible for you and then elaborates on how to get you there. Her intuition and insightful views truly are spot on and can clarify things you have often wondered about. Rommie is very easy to talk to and it feels like you have known her forever, very kind, down to earth and practical. I know my life has changed because of her readings and I will be forever grateful to Rommie for that. I have had two readings and I am positive there will be more in the future.

Arlena & Soula
Now what Rom said makes sense.

Rom has completed readings for both myself and for my darling cat on a number of occasions. During these, some comments have been real home truths and quite confronting, while others have left me wondering why she said what she did. However, over time, a moment will happen and all of a sudden I’ll say, “now what Rom said makes sense”. I have found great comfort in the words she has spoken to me through her guides. She delivers her readings with such empathy, wisdom & love and I feel incredibly grateful that we have crossed paths. Thanks Rom!

Thanks Rommie, you have a truly amazing gift!

I had some questions I needed to know about my pet, to make a really hard decision to re-home her. I wanted to do what I thought was right for my pet and going through Ronnie was amazing. She told me things that I’d thought about my pet were right and told me other things that were so enlightening and how my pet had viewed certain things that had happened to us both. It was such a wonderful insight into their mind and thoughts. It really helps you to Connect with you pets. I highly recommend it to anyone with a pet, just to get in tune with them. I’d definitely do it again...and again... Thanks Rommie, you have a truly amazing gift.

I will definitely be coming back for more readings in the future!

Rommie was AMAZING in helping me connect with my horse. She immediately picked up on the issues we’ve been having & even found a few more I hadn’t noticed yet. Unlike other animal communicators I’ve heard of, Rommie didn’t ask for any information. Only a photo. I will definitely be coming back for more readings in the future!

I loved it.

I had a great call with Rommie, at a time I was chasing any sort of clarity with my thoughts and in a trying to make sense of a difficult situation. In a time where I could only see the negative I was moving though at that time she helped me also see an exciting future.

Our reading with Truman was absolutely HILARIOUS!

Our reading with Truman was absolutely HILARIOUS! I had no idea how funny my bulldog really is. Rommie was very helpful in communicating to us some health concerns and tips about his diet. She even mentioned the first time we went to pick up Truman...when she said Truman had wished we had come for him earlier it just made my heart explode. I enjoyed our reading with Truman so much that I book a personal reading from Rommie as well and, once again she did not disappoint. I loved working with Rommie and look forward to working with her again. Thank you so much for your amazing gifts!

You've inspired me with a project I never even considered.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for my session recently. You’ve inspired me with a project I never even considered and I can’t believe where it’s got to in such a short time. Thanks again.

So accurate and found out things I had no idea about.

OMG, first heard Rommie on the radio and was inspired to have my horse then, read. AMAZING. So accurate, and found out things I had no idea about. I have since full and part readings with my Cat, dog and new Horse. It has also made me more aware and open to checking in with my animals from time to time to see how they are. Love ya work

The best 3 months of my life.

Rommie, no word of a lie since our meeting, I had close to the best 3 months of my life. Thanks for everything, it's really helped

My experience was so fun.

My experience was so fun, you really helped me find a great way to work with Ranger. We are doing great and I appreciate you for helping me find my "horsey" voice.

New Zealand
She came back with exactly what the vet had diagnosed.

Rommie contacted my horse to see if there was anything more we can do to help her, I had not given her any information at all and she came back with exactly what the vets diagnosed. It was good to know things were stable and not deteriorating. Thank you Rommie.

Very helpful and insightful.

Very helpful and insightful. Getting to understand what she had been through before we got her explained a lot about why she reacts the way she does. Being able to understand what Mia is feeling and thinking helps us to give her the love and care she needs to live a happy & stress free life.

I was completely and utterly overwhelmed.

I'm not new to seeking advice from tarot readers, psychic, and clairvoyants but when I came to Rom for guidance I was completely and utterly overwhelmed and confused with where my life was going. The confusion, of course, was of my own doing and in such a short time Rom had me seeing clearly again and I left our session filled with hope for the future. The insights offered have been invaluable moving forward and each time I see myself drifting 'off-path', I hear Rom's voice in my head and I am gently guided back to my purpose. Rom has a kind and compassionate way of delivering messages but will also be direct and brutally honest if you give her permission. This is what I really needed. I'd have to say that I fondly call Rom my Spiritual Mentor and am so happy to know I have someone I trust to call on whenever I need guidance. Rom is truly a gift to this world.

Cody was acting weird.

Cody was acting weird and that's why I contacted Rommie. She tuned in and she suggested Cody being in pain and that pain was coming from his face. I checked his ears, palpated his face and sure enough I found out that he had a broken tooth with a draining cyst which caused the discomfort. I had the tooth extracted and Cody was back to his old self. Thank you Rommie.

To know he was not distressed was immeasurable in helping my grief.

Rom’s readings on my dog and horse were very helpful and reassuring. When Zulu my friend of 36 years was lying in the paddock unable to get up - to know he was not distressed and ready to go on his journey to beyond was immeasurable in helping in my grief. Readings with Rom is a gift we are very fortunate she shares with us all.

We have covered a variety of topics and Rom has been spot on.

I have had several sessions with Rom and each has been spectacular in their own way. We have covered a variety of topics and Rom has been spot on! Her abilities are amazing and her personality and enthusiasm make each session a treasure. She is truly interested in helping people help themselves. So thankful and blessed to have had the chance to interact with her. There will be more sessions to come!

Everything has had such a positive effect from my family to my business.

Hi Rom, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you've done for me and from there how everything has had such a positive effect from my family to my business. There's been some massive break throughs this year and a lot of it has been driven from the sessions we had and your generosity and timing.

International Retreat

It was a fantastic movement, energy and personal development course. Very enlightening. My expectations were virtually nothing coming in, I didn't know what to expect, but I ended up with a lot of reinforcement. The movement was fantastic and learning a lot about energy and meridians, etc was great. It was a lot of fun and I couldn't recommend it enough to people looking like they want to join this sort of thing. Very light heart and informative. Thank you.

Rachael (Vet)
She is amazing and we wouldn't have found him without her help.

Good news! We found Dusty tonight 48 hours missing, on our last rounds of the streets, a bit scared, very hungry and thirsty but all good! For those having lost pets, we cannot recommend Rom Hope of Self Health Australia and @petdetectivesinternational for tracking and intuitive guidance. She is amazing and we wouldn’t have found him without her help.