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Abraham Lincoln Drops By!

JUST ANOTHER FASCINATING DAY IN THE LIFE OF MY MEDITATIONS! The messages are repeating it seems just the delivery is from different people in spirit. I guess I'm not doing enough (yet)!

Communicating with the Wolves

The wolf is very practical and will press on with whatever their life becomes. I'm finding when talking to wild animals that they're very direct and their message is similar. They don't talk for long, they say what needs to be said and that's it. There is no trying to soften their words to make us feel better. It is a much different experience talking to wild animals than our domestic pets and I do enjoy these conversations. I do hope though, with continued awareness and conversation there will be a turnaround in how we are treating our planet.

Random Thoughts from an Intuitive

"I'm in construction and my wife's a witch - she speaks to dead people!" This is my husband introducing me to people I don't know. For some reason I find it hilarious.

Messages through Meditation

Messages through meditation.

Ask Your Pet Anything, the Questions are Limitless

Ask your pet anything, the questions are limitless.

Chatting with the American Bison

Isn't this just a beautiful animal. I feel such a strong connection to them and for some reason today was compelled to have a psychic round table with the Bison collective.

The Death of a Perfectionist

If you're a perfectionist and you haven't already figured it out, at some point you will realise that not only will you spend most of your life pissed off, you'll also feel like you're in jail.

When Friendships Change

Everything changed that one day a few years ago. Was it meant to?

It's All About Choice


Oh Hell, We're Talking About Love

Break the shackles you’ve trapped yourself in, because in Love there is balance, in Love there is freedom.


There IS a way out and I’m incredibly happy I found it.

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Rommie Buhler

I am a lover of life, an avid photographer, I am a lot fanatical about health and I'm passionate about the welfare of animals. I have spent my life being interested in the ancient forms of healing and physical movement and my purpose is to help educate, inspire and motivate as many people as I can to take ownership of their own healing and live a life that's probably better than the one they're living now. ​I am also lucky enough to have the ability to communicate with animals and it would be remiss of me not to do something with this. I hope to contribute to the welfare of our animals in some way over my lifetime, not only with your family pets, but also animal sanctuaries, zoos, wildlife parks and the like.