It's All About Choice



Have any of you ever asked yourself what kind of life you want? You know the things you want to experience before you cark it? How you want your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual self to look. What kind of relationships do you want? What dream/s are you chasing and what do your finances look like? And importantly, how do you plan on giving back and contributing in your life? This is not about setting goals, this is about knowing what you want and then going about choosing the best way to make that happen. It’s a good thing to put some active thought into otherwise you’ll end up on your deathbed wondering what the hell you spent your time doing and realising your life wasn’t what you’d hoped and expected. Not that it'll matter then because you'll be basically dead!

So you've done all the pre-work and now you get to create this extraordinary vision of yours through making a whole gamut of choices all day, every day for the rest of your life. Woohoo! You have the power and that's...well...empowering. It means you have control over the consequences of all of these choices. Notice I didn't say decision. A very very special and important note here: a decision is NOT a choice. Until you act on that decision it is just a thought. Your actions from your choices which will create your consequences is where it's at.

Okay ... we need to dig a little deeper into this idea of choice. Are your ready for it? Some life changing words coming up! YOU NEED TO START PAYING A WHOLE LOT MORE ATTENTION. You're probably a bit sick of hearing things like that, but repetition is magic and some of us need a bit of a wake up every now and then. Now, when you realise choices are not just mundane things like what you’re going to wear today, what to have for breakfast and if you’re going to brush your teeth or not, you'll see I'm also talking about the things we don't pay attention to like choosing your attitude, your thoughts or whether you’re going to keep stoking the fire on those fears you have. Things like keeping your blinkers on becoming conscious of who you are and why you are the way you are is a choice. Saying over and over "I don’t know" is a choice. When you keep replaying the program of thinking you're not enough, that's a choice. By the way, none of those programs you're living are true. You choose to limit and compromise your health. You choose to be in denial. You choose to take no responsibility for anything "bad" that happens in your life. You choose to be intimidated and envious of other people that seem to have their shit together. You choose to constantly strive for and expect perfection from yourself and others. You choose to feel entitled today and wait for someone to do it for you. You choose to feel humiliated because you cannot (by choice) accept yourself. You choose to like the weak part of yourself that says it’s okay to overeat and stay on the couch. You choose not to respect, admire and understand yourself (aka staying in the dark). You choose to be undisciplined. You choose not to exercise. You choose to hold onto guilt, grief, anger and hatred. You choose not to have time to meditate. You choose your excuses. You choose to blame anyone and everyone for why your life is the way it is. You choose to complain and whinge and act like a victim. How EXHAUSTING!

How about changing it up a bit. It's doable and far less tiresome.


I choose to make one small, very simple and manageable change today and have the discipline to do that one small, very simple and manageable thing everyday for 28 days. I choose to understand that every day’s a school day and when it’s a seriously crappy day I will not (by choice) allow it to ruin my life. I choose today to stop whining and being the forever pessimist about every-single-thing. (Be an optimist, fill your crossword out with a pen and not a pencil!) I choose to start learning more about myself and start understanding and accepting who I truly am (that's your Soul people, we'll talk a whole lot more about that later). You get the picture, you can fill out your personal version of this list. What are you choosing right now to be, do, have and experience everything you want in life?​​

"Choose to make the best choices possible so the consequences will help you grow, learn and experience your life with deeper satisfaction and fulfilment. Don't ever die wondering!

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