Ask Your Pet Anything, the Questions are Limitless

Ask your pet anything, the questions are limitless.


Our pets and animals around the planet have so much to tell us and if they can find someone that will listen (and they're in the mood) they will chat their heads off. Animals are extraordinary and you wouldn't believe what they see and know. They know what your neighbours are up to, they can tell you if they're happy with the pet sitter you've hired and they know all about You (and your secrets!). They experience mental and emotional problems just like us. They get depressed and sad, they get angry and fearful as well as being blissfully happy, relaxed and content with life. They get injured and have physical problems and health issues just like us. Animals can also have some odd or frustrating behaviours you don't understand or can't seem to fix which we can also take a look at. They often even take on their owner's physical pains. And you can ask them absolutely anything and everything you like.

The questions are endless, but here are some examples of what people ask:

  • Are you happy? Is there anything else I can do for you?
  • Are you bored?
  • Are you lonely, would you like a friend?
  • This is a hard one for everyone, but an important one to consider getting a reading. Do you want to be put down or would you like to go on your own terms? Is there anything we can do to make your last moments with us more comfortable?
  • Do you like the other pets in the house?
  • How is your health? (If it's not good, I will do a body scan here and see if it's possible to identify the problem.)  Are you in any pain? Where is it? How can I help you?
  • Do you have a favourite activity?
  • Is there anything I can do for you?
  • Do you like your food? What's your favourite food?
  • Do you have anything you would like to say?
  • Do you like the pet sitter we had stay with you? Is there anything you'd like us to know with your care?
  • Are you visiting anyone in neighbourhood? Do you like them? Are they feeding you?
  • What are you doing when you're outside? Be prepared for the answer if it's a cat, they are hunters and they will talk about how they love killing birds, etc.
  • I am bringing another pet into the house, is that okay? Jealousy is real for pets just like us.
  • If they've recently been vaccinated you can ask them if it's working for them.
  • Is there anything you want from me? Am I giving you enough attention, do I scare you, is my voice too loud (I dare not ask, but all of mine would say yes to this I'm sure)?
  • Do you like the other cats in the neighbourhood?
  • For horses: do you like to be ridden? How does it feel to have me on your back? Is there anything you'd like me to do differently?
  • Do you like wearing a saddle, having a bit in your mouth, being shoed, etc.
  • Does the hot weather bother you? Is there anything you'd like me to do when it's really hot?
  • Are you happy being in a stall by yourself? How much time are you happy to spend in there? Would you like to be in a stall where there are other horses?
  • Are you exercising enough?
  • Do you like being groomed?
  • Are you hungry?
  • Do you have any friends? What sort of animal are they?
  • Do you like competing? Who are you competing for, me or you?
  • Am I easy to understand when I'm directing you through your training or competition?
  • Is there anything I can do differently with your training?​
  • ​And the list goes  on......


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