Providing energy healing for your pets and animals of the world.



Like humans, the energy systems of an animal can become imbalanced, blocked and stagnant through physical and psychological stress, trauma, chemicals, the environment, poor nutrition, etc. Long term this can lead to illness, disease, injury, discomfort and the like.

the benefits of energy healing

The benefits of energy work can be incredibly powerful and healing and you pet may find relief with just one or two sessions. (For more serious illness and injury more sessions may be required.).

Healing sessions can be done remotely, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world, I can still provide healing from here. I can also come to you and I am happy to do that if you live near the Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland (Australia). See below for pricing.

The Benefits of performing Energy Work on your Pets

  • When your pet is energetically stable physically and emotionally, they are happier.
  • Reduce or alleviate pain, discomfort and stiffness.
  • It can help with fear, anxiety, anger and aggression issues.
  • It can ease trauma that may have been experienced by abandonment, neglect or abuse.
  • Energy work can help the physical and mental performance in animals that are competing or on show.
  • Your pet's immune system can be improved to help resist illness.
  • Energy healing and help settle when moving home or when there are changes in the household, such as bringing in a new pet.
  • The great thing about animals is they have no set beliefs on what vital force, energy or healing is; they know it is necessary for them to maintain optimum health so they take to energy work like a duck to water. When energy is received, the intelligence of the body knows what and where the body needs it and will transfer this healing to the areas of the body in need.

Please keep in mind, there is no guarantee of outcome.


Steviegee has a slipped disc in his lower spine and he has trouble standing, he can’t walk properly and he wobbles and fallsover. He is 12 years old and has been prescribed painkillers and 8 weeks crate rest with regular check ups to monitor his condition. Possible surgery may be required if he doesn't fully recover.

After just one remote healing session the vet is shocked. Bearing in mind I am in Australia and Mr Dog is in the UK. Another illustration that we are all energetically connected. When I was working with him I noticed his tail was very disconnected from his spine. Makes sense since he has a spinal problem in the lower back. By the end of this session I felt (and saw in my inner vision) the tiniest of wags from his tail. I hear from Mum that he was very relaxed and he wagged his tail for the first time in a week. I was so excited for him. Animals can't help themselves like we can and it really touches my heart when I see improvement that makes them feel a better.

The following day I received a message from Mum which just made my day.

"Steviegee is making progress, I saw the difference in him almost immediately after your healing was sent, the vet was shocked and admitted he expected the opposite result, so much gratitude!"

I hear he's still improving and I hope to hear he's out of his crate and bouncing around like a teenager. Well, maybe more like the elder that he is, but moving without pain and freedom at least.



Pricing and the basic process to organising an Energy Healing Session for your pet.

from $85AUD
Remote healing for your pet (one pet per booking).
1 session - $85 AUD
3 sessions - $235 AUD
5 sessions - $375 AUD

Additional sessions after the initial healing ($85) can be purchased as individual sessions for $75.00.

For example, you want 2 sessions, you would purchase the initial session of $85 and add on an additional session of $75. Or... You want 7 sessions, you purchase 5 sessions and 2 x $75 sessions = $525 AUD.

I have put these in blocks as 1, 3 or 5 as they are the most popular, but you can make up the number of sessions as you prefer.

NB: When you add a session to the cart, you can adjust quantities at time of checkout.
What to do:

Arrange payment then email a photo of your pet to Rommie along with any additional information on what is going on with your pet, any vet diagnoses, etc. Click on the link below for email link.
NB: While I will always do my best for your pet, there is no guarantee of outcome.
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